About Us

Rejuvenate Forever, LLC is an innovative holistic health company located in Ridgewood, Queens NY, specializing in the art of organic indoor growing, distribution and the the manufacturing of health foods and supplements. 

Our mission statement:

"To provide the general public with the most innovative holistic health products in the world so people can look and feel healthier, younger and stronger."

Rejuvenate Forever has many products, but we are expanding every day and introducing new products frequently, so please check out our Products page. All our products are intended to enhance peoples health and you can be sure if it does not do you justice it will not be mentioned on our website. We strictly promote health products and will not under any circumstance jeopardize our reputation or customers loyalty by selling anything else which is not regarded as HEALTHY.  

The products we use are wheatgrass and sprouts, which are intended to help people find health, relief and solutions to diseases they are suffering from using only natural occurring ingredients and seeds. We organically grow these products indoor using state of the art technology in our facility in Ridewood, NY.We have taken immense pleasure in helping the community remain strong and healthy.


Wheatgrass is our newest focus because of the infinite health possibilities wheatgrass has to offer. Rejuvenate Forever has a facility where we organically grow our wheatgrass in an indoor greenhouse and distribute it to juice bars, health stores, restaurants, gyms and more. Our wheatgrass is a bona fide 10.




We are here to support you in your quest to live a healthier and stronger life and we wish you the very best of luck in your mission!

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